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Head Instructor - Mrs Rachel Campion 

 I started kickboxing in 2003 with PUMA  and loved my first lesson, four years went by and i received my Black  Belt in April 2007. When i started i felt very welcomed and part of a  much loved Martial Art Family. I learnt a great deal from many new  skills, including self defence, punching/kicking, blocking and sparring.  I have met many friends along the way and Kickboxing has helped me feel  more confident about myself, get fitter and become an instructor to  pass on my wealth of knowledge and experiences of Kickboxing.

I  started teaching in 2008 and now run three kickboxing schools in the  southampton area. If you're looking to try something new either to keep  fit or learn a modern martial art then kickboxing is for you. If you  wish to come along to a school then please contact me, myself and my  students will welcome you to the class. Please feel free to bring a  friend or family member, i promise though this will be a great decision  you make and you wont look back.
I  never have and still enjoy training, continuing to learn and develop my  skills whilst teaching/entering competitions and attending camps. 

What we do


 We're  part of PUMA Martial Arts, Kickboxing was established in 2003 with in  the organisation and we follow a syllabus of a western kickboxing style. You can find more details on the puma website at www.puma-uk.com.
Schools  were formed in 2008 through out the Southampton area and they're  growing each year, other than kickboxing in class there are other  opportunities outside of class for example:

  • Attending Competitions
  • Attending training camps
  • Social outings (christmas etc)
  • Seminars and PUMA Day
  • Presentation evenings
  • Individual and Fitness training

Who we are


Want a different way to keep fit, then come along to a local Kickboxing class. 

Kickboxing  is a great way to keep fit, gain confidence/discipline and meet new  people. We follow a syllabus of Kickboxing so you have the opportunity  to learn new techniques including: punches,kicks,blocks,self defence and  how to spar. There is also the opportunity to grade from white belt to  black belt, enter competitions, train at annual camps and come along to  social outings and seminars.

Come along with a  friend/family member and trial the first two classes for free then pay a  monthly fee. For more details please contact us. (prices may increase  year to year) 



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RC Southern Kickboxing

School in the southampton area

07793 028236




Look forward to hearing from you about local kickboxing schools in your area. 

Syllabus and Drills



 Note - Syllabus is subject to change new kickboxing handbook is now available.

Grading System for Kickboxing
Junior orange strip - Purple stripe = 3 months (8-10 yr olds)
Purple stripe - Yellow stripe = 3 months
White Belt - Yellow Stripe = 3 months
Yellow Stripe - Yellow Belt = 3 months
Yellow Belt - Green Stripe = 3 months
Green Stripe - Green Belt = 3 months
Green Belt - Blue Stripe = 3 months
Blue Stripe - Blue Belt = 3 months
Blue Belt - Red Stripe = 6 months
Red Stripe - Red Belt = 6 months
Red Belt - Black Stripe = 6 months
Black Stripe - Black Belt = 6 months
1st Degree - 2nd Degree = 2 years
2nd Degree - 3rd Degree = 3 years
3rd Degree - 4th Degree = 4 years
4th Degree - 5th Degree = 5 years

Each  student is eligable to grade depending on instructors decision/level of  training and skill. Grading is optional to all students.  


 All drills are to be performed with a partner at each coloured belt grading.
Four drills are performed at Black Belt Gradings. 

 Equipment/Merchandise available:

Kickboxing Suit - with white belt
Bag Gloves
Full Sparring Equipment

All of the above can be purchased through RC Southern Kickboxing, please contact me for more details

All students must also be licensed which is renewed annually.